For Girls

Try these themes out for your little girl’s birthday.
  • Garden Themed Party This one can be works best if you have a large home that has a backyard or a front lawn or even a terrace garden. With flowery decor and a large space for activities, this party would bloom wonderfully.

  • Sea Themed Party Most girls fall in love with the ‘Little Mermaid’ almost instantly when they watch her for the first time. Pick up a mermaid costume for your little girl if you can and use a blue theme all around for the party.

  • Angel Themed Party Every daughter is the prettiest angel for her parents. Celebrate her angelic goodness on her first birthday by crowning her the fairy princess for the day. Use shiny costumes and decorations to turn your venue into a paradise.

  • Hello Kitty Party This brand has taken the world by storm and can be seen being used by girls everywhere. For the kids that will storm your party, they will be enamoured by the presence of the little kitty everywhere.

  • Pink Themed Party While the colour pink works for boys as well, the softness that it brings to the table makes it for a wonderful theme choice when celebrating your girl’s birthday.

  • Rainbow Themed Party Is your little one a fan of colours, all vivid and bright? Don’t stick to one and bring them all to the party. Right from dress code to the cake you make and the decorative ribbons around the venue, let the colour keep flowing.

  • Alice in Wonderland Theme This would be a party like no other. The weirdness of the wonderland can translate beautifully into the party venue letting everyone go nuts and have a gala time together.

  • Bubble Themed Party Your little girl will enjoy playing with bubbles extensively, much like any other child. This theme works great if the venue is large since numerous activities can be organized that go along!

  • For Boys

    Here’s what may work for your little boy’s birthday:
  • Construction Themed Party Little boys love to play with trucks and other toys used widely in construction. Order a cake that works with the theme, and replace the birthday caps with construction hats for some great photos.

  • Minions Birthday Party Since the movie “Despicable Me” released, the adorable minions have taken the world by storm. Surprise your little one and his friends with a minion cake, and tiny minion goggles for everyone.

  • Space Party Theme Can you imagine how exciting this party would be? Neon lights and spacey music can get the kids in a fun mood right away.

  • Winnie the Pooh Party For kids that like things to be calm and quiet, a Pooh-themed party can help you be Pooh for your little Christopher Robin.

  • Circus Themed Party The birthday boy gets to be the ringmaster while everybody else would be animals of the circus. He could also dress up as a cute little clown! We will also put together games and activities that will help kids win treats.

  • The Manly Boy Party Your boy might be just a year old but he is already on his way to being a man. Put together all manly accessories to decorate the home.

  • Lego Themed PartyAnother craze that kids today have is playing with Lego blocks. Make everything lego-themed, quite literally.

  • Football World Cup PartyDoes your boy love to move around a lot and kick things around? Gift this budding footballer with a wonderful party that can turn into a match within no time.

  • Doraemon Party ThemeThis is a cartoon loved by everyone. We are ready to accessorize your party on this theme and kids will surely have a dorae-fun time.
    A child’s first birthday is an important marker in their life, one that you’ll cherish and will show your baby photos of someday! With some interesting first birthday celebration ideas, you can make it special and memorable in every way.