Step-1 Please Select Play Area Size Of Your Choice!

3m x 3m

Ideal for hosting between 10 to 15 kids
Rs. 7500/-

No. of Toys upto 8

4m x 4m

Ideal for hosting between 15 to 20 kids
Rs. 10500/-

5m x 5m

Ideal for hosting between 20 to 25 kids
Rs. 14000/-

6m x 6m

Ideal for hosting between 25 to 30 kids
Rs. 19000/-

8m x 8m

Ideal for hosting between 30 to 35 kids
Rs. 35000/-

10m x 10m

Ideal for hosting between 40 to 45 kids
Rs. 59000/-

12m x 12m

Ideal for hosting between 50 to 55 kids
Rs. 94000/-

15m x 15m

Ideal for hosting between 70 to 80 kids
Rs. 140000/-

Package Includes:-

  • Colourful fences with neat & clean mats
  • Toys as per your choice
  • Play Area attendants to handle kids
  • Installation of Play Zone
  • De-installation and re-packaging of Play Zone

Kids’ Play Zone on Rent for Birthday Party/other Events
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An area enclosed by coloured fences & mats with several toys in it called Kids’ Play Area. We also call it Kids’ Play Zone. Hiring a Play Zone from EventsExpress is a great idea to add-in fun elements in your party for your little angels. You may choose the look of your Play Zone and the toys you’d like to add, depending upon the age group or based on party themes.
These on-site play areas are completely customised. It can be designed for 6 months young toddlers to 10 year young kids. Even the size of Play Area can also be customised as per your budget & space available. Further to your specifications, we suggest you to explore our website for more options of fun games and toys that we have in our list of offerings for your Birthday celebration or family gathering.
If you wish to book a Play Zone from EventsExpress, or want to learn more about our services, kindly feel free to call us on 0- 9821795984.

Please Note:-

  • Playtime duration: Charges are mentioned for 4 hours only
  • Transportation will be charged extra (depend on the location)
  • 18% GST will be charged extra.

To see the excitement of kids for our Play Areas, Please watch the video available on our website. Suitable for any kids related event.